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a better job than the president. >> barack obama's foreign policy got us out of iraq, is getting us out of afghanistan, has killed osama bin laden, and has said in the future we are going to target our enemies. we are not going to do five or 10-year occupation of foreign countries. >> bad things that happen overseas happen to president. they do not happen to other candidates. i don't really see that mitt romney is able to do that. what is he going to do? have troops on the ground in lots of these places? the american people do not want that right now. >> what do you do if there is a revolution in iran next time? in israel, you are now going to distance yourself from the elected prime minister and it shows that you want to create gratuitously distance between you and israel as a way to gain favor on the arab side. >> we cannot turn over our foreign policy initiative to the current prime minister of israel. the united states must keep israel out as our most important ally in the middle east to save time doing what is right for the united states'. >> the polls show that people did not like
of a sectarian war in syria that not only destabilizes syria but destabilizes lebanon, iraq, jordan and potentially turkey. the opportunity is to move with countries in the region like turkey and jordan and others in iraq who are waiting for u.s. leadership, and to bring an end to that regime sooner because we have seen the longer it goes the more people die, the more sectarian it is. the more it upsets the neighborhood. in destabilizing the neighbor the question is how to do it. we can talk about it. i think the way you do it is to empower those people who are fighting for their future and give them the weapons so that they can topple the regime themselves. but the mindsets that any president needs to have is this is not just a single crisis management situation. we handled tunisia, libya, egypt and syria. this runs the risk of a meltdown in the middle east. it is a strategic challenge but also a strategic opportunity to try to further emphasize and establish yet another example where sunni and shiite and other minorities are working together to define a common future which is what
influenced the regime in iraq and prepared to shed a lot of syrian blood to stay in power. they finance hezbollah and hamas in gaza strip and worse of all they continue to build a broad and nuclear weapons program. what is unmistakable despite the blurs ter that is coming from the obama administration, they are not afraid of the united states. they do not fear this president. they do not fear the united states. they do not fear consequences for their actions. as long as that belief holds true in tehran they will continue to support terrorists and build a nuclear weapons program. >> greta: a u.s. senator once said to me while i was lamenting there were so many problems across the world, he said to me we can't solve the problems, we can only manage them. that should be our goal in light of the fact so many variables. are we managing these different hot spots around the world and give him a good grade at managing them? >> no. i don't agree with the premise we can't solve problems. that is very european view of the world. i think americans are problem solving people. i think that is what we
on our security overseas. four years ago, i said i would end the war in iraq and i did. [cheers and applause] i said we would wind down the war in afghanistan and we are. [cheers and applause] a new tower is rising or the new york skyline. al qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. [cheers and applause] >> usa! [chanting] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> as we saw last week, we still have threats out there. we saw the attacks on our consulates and we will bring those murderers to justice. and that is why, as long as i am commander in chief, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. [applause] and when our troops come home and they take off their uniforms, we will serve them as well they have -- as well as they have served us. [cheers and applause] if you were in the military, a few protected our people, if you fought for our freedom, you should be taken care when you come home. [applause] mitt romney thinks it was tragic for us to end the war in iraq to and he does not have a plan to end the war in afghanistan. i have and i will. and i wi
and well in the middle east including a resurgance in iraq and they are there in libya and this is a terrorist attack and they were foolish to deny it to start with. >> so how would you characterize the moment in our foreign policy? >> a moment of glaring weakness and chickens are coming home to roost. very briefly could i tell you in iraq it is unraveling. they just convicted the president to death penalty. al-qaida is resurgance. the relations between the three different enities sunni and shia and kurds is breaking down. iran is influence is increasing and iranian planes is flying over iraq to syria with arms for assad as we speak. in afghanistan we have had to adopt a policy and not training with the afghan troops, thoo moons they will not be ready to take over the responsibilitis and frankly they never were and so we have to evaluate our whole situation. the attack on the base in kandahar was the most offensive. we lost 200 million worth of airplanes in the death and tragic death of two marines and in syria, the massacre goes on. and finally in iran we continue on t
a lift from a local florida pizza owner. [ explosion ] [ siren wails ] a wave of attacks in iraq, killing and wounding hundreds, making it one of the bloodiest days this year. iraqis clearing through rubble after car bombs tear through at least 11 mostly shiite cities. in one of the deadliest attacks, gunmen storming a small iraqi army outpost, killing at least 10 soldiers and wounding 8 more. there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but security forces are a frequent target of al-qaeda's iraq branch, many of the attacks coming after iraq's fugitive vice president, tariq al-hashemi, a sunni politician, was sentenced to death, highlighting the ongoing sectarian tensions that plague that country. for "teen kids news," i'm jamie colby, fox news channel in the classroom. >> most of the time, we're urging you to eat more fruits and vegetables, but as jacelyn reports, one organization says, "not so fast." >> fruits and vegetables are good for you because they make you healthy and they give you more energy. >> they have a lot of nutrients, i guess. >> they have a lot of vi
you can't send american troops to afghanistan or can't put american troops in iraq. the arab street, there will be anti-american violence. guess what? it hadn't happened until now. why is it, only under barack obama when he is doing everything the radicals want, pulling troops, he has pulled our troops out of iraq and pulled them out of afghanistan. he has announced a pivot to southeast asia but they are burning ef gees of barack obama across the middle east. >> sean: look at these images, juan. they burned our flag all over the world. they are killing people. the president's response to this has spend our money on an advertisement campaign, saying we're not responsible for the movie trailer as we now know as we reported had nothing to do with this? >> wait a second. let me make a couple points. the reason we give money to pakistan. the reason we have a relationship. >> sean: running ads they are running. >> you asked why do we give money to these people that are not friends to us and you saw on terms on the tapes. i want to remind you they are nuclear power and we want influence th
of the united states now is because he was against the iraq war from the start. as a state senator he spoke out against the invasion of iraq saying he was not against all war, but he was against that war. he was never against the afghanistan war, though. when barack obama became president, in part because of that early clear stance against iraq, he quickly made clear that he would keep his commitment to end the war in iraq. and he made clear that the war in afghanistan would grow. at the end of his first year in office, president obama announced a surge of tens of thousands of troops into afghanistan, putting more american there than george w. bush ever did. the president insisted that the surge into afghanistan would not last forever. he said the surge in troop numbers had previously over by roughly now, the end of september, 2012. now a little ahead of schedule, before the end of the month, the pentagon has announced that the surge into afghanistan is over. there had been as many as 100,000 americans on the ground in afghanistan. now it is down to 68,000 which, frankly, is still a huge number
intends the result is getting. of iraq applause] >> good afternoon. welcome to michigan. i don't want to put you on the spot but donate $60 to your $1,000 gift -- [applause] >> if you don't want to take it next time you asked for money at it in. conservatives dig in their own pockets to solve problems. liberals look of the government to take care of them. [applause] >> george is doing okay. i will buy tickets to the film and give them too young people who might not otherwise go. [applause] >> if obama is given a second term what types of changes in his administration or his cabinet, what changes do you see happening that will help achieve his goals? >> obama in his personal appointments has to be a little cautious in the first term. partly because he was a new he needed to figure out how to operate and maneuver so he started with some clinton people and he realized pretty soon that the clinton people were trying to block him. they were trying to block him because they are traditional democrats. if you look in bob woodward's book he talks about the fact that again and again on iraq and
to detonate bombs. in iraq, thousands of iranian backed protesters taking to the streets. the mob flying iranian flags and flying large posters of the leader. in kabul, over 1000 afghans chanted death to america. they burned american flags. that anti-american demonstrations were obviously coordinated and conducted throughout much of the muslim world today. in indonesia, the united states forced to close all diplomatic areas. shouts of death to america filling the air. coffins draped and american flags were burned. in malaysia, u.s. citizs told to stay away from the american embassy. this development tonight. the libyan government admitted they will be of little help in the search for the killers of ambassador chris stevens. a surprised expression of empathy and comprehension from president obama who said he understands why the muslim world has erupted in the demonstrations marked by all out american hatred. >> the natural protest that are because of the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm u.s. interests. lou: also surprising president obama de
forward and fill the vacuum with what we're seeing on television right now. >> it's also, look at iraq and also reduced our leverage on players that are inclined to help us. there was news, again, just this week of overflights from iran to syria and the iraqi government basically can't do anything about it because we don't have a u.s. presence there anymore. >> and joe biden asked the president of iraq to please stop these flights and he's been rebuffed. and some say we may have to withdraw the aid if you don't stop the flight. but they don't have-- >> leverage. >> we have a lot less leverage with them. should mitt romney make foreign policy more after issue in the campaign? >> i think that obama is actually vulnerable on foreign policy. there's an image that obama got usama there for-- and dan points out, a very bad position, increasingly aggressive enough on the part of the east and iran rushing towards a nuclear weapon. >> paul: he can do that,'s he going to have an opportunity one of the debates almost all on foreign policy. i know bret can't wait for that. well, forget the middle
the towers it was pretty cool. >> brief but i got calls all around the bay iraq that it just flew over. >> and-bay area-- >> and also over the golden gate going over twice. one from the north and it turned round passing chrissie field and towards the iconic landmark. it looks like it went right through the towers. great for of locals and people from out of town. >> i'm glad i saw in it and i was skipping school for it! >> i had tears in my eyes it was overwhelming ignored in a dispute over the golden gate bridge it was exciting. >> and people saw in it so close something there will never regret to. grant, some really exciting moments. >> i was also at chrisy field it was the contest te fantastic. and we're always thankful. this was taken from richmond what a great shot. to give you a great sense of how large the shuttle is and the 747. unbelievable. hothis is from sausalito. look at how close it is to that tree line. just 1,500 ft. off of the ground. meanwhile, this is from oakland hills. you can see the endeavor, the bay bridge in the bay ground. the background and we can take a close
. with me now former congressman patrick murphy, democrat from pennsylvania and veteran of the iraq war and supporter of president obama. congressman murphy, good afternoon to you. former congressman murphy. good afternoon. >> good to be with you. what do you say to voters who hear that and agree and say 1200 pages is a heck of a lot and time to move on? >> i think they say what's in those 1200 pages. you see mitt romney hiding his assets in bermuda. and chinese oil companies, has a swiss bank account. mitt romney, this year he just released, only paid 14% in taxes, only 14%, not his fair share. that is a lot less than what the average american middle class family pays. now, that's how the system is structured. if you're a multimillionaire, you get tax break after tax break and they still complain about the taxes. we're a nation at war, a nation in debt. why isn't mitt romney being honest with the american people and why isn't he paying his fair share and what is he hiding? >> what do you think is in the numbers we haven't seen? >> we don't know. but we also know that mitt romney's fath
in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called the 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and they're bound to protest. >> the great soda pop exchange happening in the bay area >> mobile 5 is live as the iphone five hits the,, >> mobile 5 and iphone 5, live at union square as the winds continue to grow. iphone enthusiasts anxious to get their hands on the new product. today, the first day it could be purchased anywhere in the world so we were there this morning when the doors opened. fans actually helped employees countdown. for those who had been waiting outside for days, they say it was well worth it. >> it feels like a massive burden has been lifted from my shoulders >> i actually ended up getting to them. >> analysts predict that apple will sell 10 million of them this weekend alone. >> more than 700 women will take part in the annual see jane run triathlon in pleasanton and water quality is a big concern for the swimming portion. in july, test samples showed that chloroform bacteria exceeded health standards. but dissidents are warned not to swallow any water and show
park in iraq? -- park and irrec bella >> they were invited. -- rec ? what they were invited. >> i went to a neighborhood meeting about hardly strictly bluegrass. the open of the meeting was that she had not get -- not got rid of all the issues in the park, but that she was trying. so. i wanted to put that out there. [applause] >> i just also wanted to say that they have a lot of buildings open to all ages. when i was a kid growing up in new york, and we used to -- new york, and we used to -- there is a statement, saving my
president obama i hope you can change all the problems our world faces, the war in iraq, the war in afghanistan, pal istine and global warming. i am from california and in the valley here, people, especially from latin america, are getting sick in -- working in the fields for hours every day for little pay and no health care. please help them because without them no one could even be vegetarian the sincerely, natalie. >> sometimes desperate for attention but not rebellious. i don't have bad influences and i try hard not to give in to peer pressure but somewhere along the road someone calms long with temptation close to their side and offers me whatever they got, but do i get the power to say no? always sitting blankly at the sky hoping for a miracle to happen, hoping someone will come around to understand. i don't want toys anymore and i don't want it show my baby pictures and if i'm crazy and loud then you're insane and rude and if today is not our day, so be it, there is always tomorrow. thank you. >> ok. the average american dream and dreamer built dreams on shatorde hopes and
in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called a 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and their value to continue their protest. >>> starting monday, new yorkers will see a controversial ad popping up on their subway system and the person behind that ad wants it launch it here in our metro. the ad reads, in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. behind it is pamela gellar. she is with a group. some call her ad antimuslim. gellar disagrees. >> honestly, anyone that disagrees with me, i would take a bullet for their right to disagree with me. this is the beauty of america. >> throughout our history, there have been people that engaged in hate speech. this is the next generation. >> metro has not rejected the ad, but put the matter on hold. the people behind the campaign have responded by filing a lawsuit to get their ad out there. >>> now on to campaign 2012. mitt romney released his 2011 tax documents today and we can safely tell you, he made more money than you did. paid more in taxes and gave away a
iran and iraq. in that war there were planes on both sides american planes, because we had sold planes to both sides. at the time, iran was still flying many f-4's a couple phantoms and on the other side we had advisors on the ground advising hussein. hussein was our ally and we sent money to hussein on a routine basis. there are some reports that say hussein grect drectly got money from our c.i.a. -- directly got money from our c.i.a. you can understand the confusion over there and you can understand even though iraq has been liberated and there is a democracy there that some of them still seem to hate us for some reason. you wonder why would they hate us if we freed them? because some of them still remember hussein and they fear there will be another hussein. one of the saddest stories that came up i think in the last week was a young soldier was killed in afghanistan. he was killed by the policeman the afghan policeman he was training. we've had over 50 deaths in afghanistan this year from friendly fire from our supposed allies. this one was particularly sad. this boy was to come ho
to the tune of over 2 million who have served in iraq and afghanistan and over 2 million making us proud. as we take of this debate in terms of our future and in particular with respect to defense, i have said many times the thing we need to get right to ensure our military is in good shape for the future is to make sure we get it right for our people and their families. that is not just a cost or a budget item. that is the strength of who we are as a military. as a military, having fought two wars, we have a pretty healthy discussion about what that means coming out of these wars even as we had 70,000 still exposed today in afghanistan. what that means to us as a country and in military as we look forward to the security requirements which seem to always be there that will challenge us both here at home as well as globally around the world. thank you again for the opportunity to speak to these critical issues. they touched the core of our future as a nation which must be sustained. i also begrudgingly look forward to your questions. [laughter] >> thank you very much, admiral mullen. [ap
not only to stabilizes syria but it destabilizes lebanon, iraq, jordon, and potentially turkey. the opportunity is quite frankly to move with countries in region like turkey and jordan and others who are waiting for u.s. leadership to bring an end to assad in syria and bring an end to that regime sooner. the longer it goes, the more people die, the more secretary and it is, the more it upsets the neighborhood. the question is how to do it. we can talk about it. i think the way to do it is to empower the people that are fighting for their future and give them the weapons so that they can topple this regime themselves. i think the mindset that any president needs to have is this is not just a single crisis management situation. we handle. we handled libya and syria. this runs the risk of a meltdown in the middle east and is a strategic challenge. it is also a strategic opportunity to try to further emphasize and establish yet another example where suny and shia and kurds and others are working together to find a common future. that is what the middle east needs. for hundreds of y
in iraq. he is coming up in just a minute to do a callin with us so you'll have a chance to speak with him in a minute. the national book festival is sponsored by the library of congress, and the library of congress has an exhibit at the actual physical library, and a booth down here at the book festival, called "books that shaped america." our book tv colleague was talking with people who are walking through the exhibit and people attending the book festival this year, about what books they thought shaped america. this is taped earlier today. >> we're here on the national mall in washington, dc. tell me you name and what you too for the library of congress. >> i'm tracy north, reference librarian in the hispanic division. >> how did you come up with the list of books that shaped america. >> the list was put together by a committee of representatives from all different offices and units of the library. it was not meant to be a comprehensive list. just a list to get people started talking about the topic. >> when the kind of criteria did you use? >> no specific criteria i know of. it was ju
them away from the u.s. embassy. protests were largely peaceful in indonesia, egypt, iraq, bangladesh, and sri lanka, but no less anti-american with crowds burning flags and effigies of president obama. in washington, u.s. officials kept a close eye on events, as secretary of state hillary clinton met with the pakistani foreign minister. >> i want to thank the government of pakistan for their efforts to protect our embassy in islamabad, and consulates in lahore, peshawar and karachi. and i want to be clear, as i have said on numerous occasions- - the violence we've seen cannot be tolerated. of course, there is provocation, and we have certainly made clear that we do not in any way support provocation. >> brown: that provocation took the form of an online trailer for a film made by a california man mocking the prophet mohammed. new fuel was added this week when a french satirical magazine published crude cartoons of mohammed. hoping to ease the tensions, the u.s. embassy in islamabad began airing an ad on pakistani television yesterday with clips of secretary clinton and president obam
reasons barack obama is president of the united states right now is because he was against the iraq war from the start. as a stat senator he spoke out against the invasion saying he was not against all war, he was against that war. he was never against the war in afghanistan, though. he quickly made clear he would end the war in iraq and he made clear that the war in afghanistan would grow. he announced a surge of tens of thousands of troops into afghanistan putting more americans there than george w. bush ever did. but the president insisted that would not last forever. he said that had to be over by roughly now. by the end of september, 2012. so now, a little ahead of schedule, the pentagon has announced that the surge into afghanistan is over. there have been as many as 100,000 americans in afghanistan it is now down to 68 thousand which frankly is still a huge number. especially when you consider how little political attention those 68,000 americans get. the war in afghanistan isn't an issue mostly because of the one of the two sides did not want to talk about it. it didn't come up
guilty. this was in december 2010. this was including iraq were committed mayhem, and assault with rape. is going to be sentenced with aggregated- rape.. he raped her, stabbed her and stepped the 18th month old brother. before he fell asleep. he is being tried as an adult. >>jacqueline: temperatures were warmer just as we expected. toasty. also 86 degrees in san rafael. 82 degrees in napa. temperatures stayed:this afternoon and warmer for the bayshore and the south bay. it looks like this warmer weather could stay. i will explain coming up. >>pam: to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. fan tun tune in saturday. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far.
not ever. >> i believe our education such as in south africa and iraq everywhere like -- such as -- >> i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: someone is always in our "war room," check us out online at you can check out our exclusive extras. next tuesday is voter registration day, and progressive groups all across the country are going all out to get as many people as registered as
of that went to the iraqi war, 3 trillion. we got out of iraq, and you see today our being there did very little good despite the horrendous losses. >> the fiscal cliff will take care of the defense spending. >> we've got to hit not just discretionary spending for health and welfare and education and transportation that we all benefit from, we've got to hit those areas like atomic weapons whe we still are fighting the cold war so there's a lot that can be done to reduce taxes without cutting into the things that we really care about. >> let's show the federal government budget breakdown. the biggest part of the government breakdown, medicare, social curity, defense are next and the other safety net programs, food stamps and affordable housing and interest payments on our debt, incredibly important. everything else goes into the remaining 20%. we'll grant hypothetical second term to obama, what do you start cutting, compassionately what do you start cuting? >> i don't know that you can cut compassionately and i don't know if obama will cut at all. this spending has been sanctioned by the a
in iraq and afghanistan. use of predator drones. our capacity to deny iran capacity to enrich while we allow the israelis and indians to have nuclear weapons. you have that. not an arab spring but islamist spring. with the rise of the governments to bar against muslims is much higher and new governments that are willing are unable to take the kinds of measures that would stop this sort of thing. they are unwilling or unable to do so. this is not something you can lay directly at obama's doorstep. this has been a problem that has been building for a long time. the real challenge is, it's going to be really difficult to stop. it's going to ebb and flo and we're going to have manage as best we can. the conventional wisdom, change our policy and everything will be fine. all the american sentiment, anti-american sentiment will dissipate. i think that is wrong. this anger is to a large degree inelastic. it's going to continue for a lot of reasons. >> gregg: our correspondent in egypt reports that these protestors have not seen the anti-muslim film. in fact a correspondent the man that organi
, in iraq, they kicked us out. >> how long would john mccain have stayed. we knew in libya we knew in north africa what the demeanor of john mccain was from the get-go. >> cenk: wait a minute. i think we went in a smarter way than mccain would have done. so that would make a difference. >> a really big difference. >> cenk: see, on this i'm totally with lupe. you think mccain would have done anything worse than killing i. citizens without a fair trial trial. >> on foreign policy i don't think mccain would have used diplomacy the way this president has. >> if you're going to to debate this come at them. don't call them stupid, dumb, silly, or young idiots, because then you're not taking them seriously. >> cenk: that's a good point. you have to engage substantially. in the website we think you should vote no matter what. and rocky anderson and gary johnson is an independent. look through the candidates and find out what you think for yourself. when we come back, we've got a very important story--o chick-fil-a. do you remember how they were going to "kumbaya" and hold hands with gay folks. the
world war ii. only six from iraq. 1600 from the vietnam war. we think about them. and we pray for the families. that's it for us on "the five." have a great >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. i told uh million times, dirk, i only hear safe words. let's go to andy levy for a pre game president are. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, president obama learned you can't change washington from the inside. maybe that explains why he is always golfing. iam i right? and a government-sponsored day of love for mohamed in pakistan doesn't turn violent and results in no death. i'm totally kidding. people died. and what sent bill schulz to a peta protest? hopefully they turn turned him into a toll. >> i never said i was nice. >> you didn't. >> this banter is lighting up the world. go away. let's welcome our guests. please don't do that. she is so hot that flame throwers list her as a job reference. it is anna coyman, nice waive. and he is smarter than socrates. it is kurt loder. "reason magazine" contributor. his book is "the good, the bad and the god awfu
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